What is the best baby soap for my new born

Babies are god's gift to mankind. Every child is born perfect and it is the responsibility of the parents to mould them into adults fit for the society. When there is a new born in the house, everything changes. There are extra responsibilities added to the members of the house and everybody consciously tries to make the child feel safe and protected.
The first big task for a parent after learning to feed the child is the bath time. Bath time is a special bonding period for the child and choosing the right soap is half the work done.
A baby's skin dries out very easily and this happens even more during winter or in colder climatic areas. A good baby care should cleanse the baby's and at the same time prevent it from drying out. Dry skin can crack, infect easily, itch, cause pain and make the child uncomfortable. A restless child will not eat or sleep well causing more trouble.
Why Dermadew?
Dermadew Baby Soap is a product of H&H Pharmaceutica which is a popular brand in existence since the year 1989. Dermadew is designed specifically for the sensitive skin of newborns and babies and it keeps them away from infections and also hydrates the skin.
Here are reasons why you should choose Dermadew for your baby's bathing needs.
1. It is a soap that is designed keeping in mind the soft skin of babies
2. It maintains the pH level of the skin. Normal soaps can cause an imbalance in the pH levels and this is the main reason for infections to start spreading
3. It locks in the moisture inside the skin for the whole day. By locking in moisture, the body is amply hydrated and kept soft and supple
4. It effectively cleanses the body, removing dirt and dust from its layers. As the kid starts crawling and moving, there are more chances of the skin getting polluted and Dermadew takes care of this problem
5. Excessive dryness leads to eczema. Eczema, if ignored can damage the baby's . It keep eczema at bay by using Dermadew regularly
6. Pleasant smell
7. Free of allergy causing ingredients
8. Suitable for all types of skin
9. Very economically priced. A 75 gram bar will cost just INR 155 and it will last for months together
10. Easily available in drug stores and online market places. Infant Keep is an online health care website that stocks up the soap and offers home delivery and cash on delivery option
The soap can be used for all parts of the body including the face. If the soap gets into the baby's eyes, use clean water or a wet wipe to gently wash it off. During the initial weeks after birth, it is enough to bathe the baby once in 2-3 days. You can check with your doctor and start daily baths after he/she suggests it.
Exposing the child too much water can also make it dry. Make sure your baby is comfortable while bathing and once it is used to the process, bath time can be so much fun for both the baby and the parent.
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